Saturday, May 2, 2009

Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils Highlights - 2nd Leg

Watch cricket highlights - Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils from IPL 2009 played on May 2, 2009.

Scoreline: CSK 163 - Badrinath 45, Raina 32, Matthew Hayden 30
Delhi fall short 145: Dinesh Karthik 52, David Warner 51 - Shadab Jakati 4-24-4

To users: Sapo might be painfully slow today cos of it being a football weekend and many football sites using it. People keep saying why don’t you use so and so like Dailymotion etc - vids don’t stay there for more than a couple of days and there’s a ridiculously long processing time. Hang in there - a better player may just be coming next week.

The first thing Chennai got right today was discarding Parthiv Patel and bringing in Murali Vijay as opener. It might not have worked great today, but Murali is one of the cleanest hitters around backed by technique - in a way similar to Badrinath who once again got an opportunity up the order and did better this time around. It was his partnership with Raina that kept Hayden’s initial push going and despite the big hitters down the order failing, Chennai posted a decent total on a good wicket.

When will commentators stop talking as though Gilchrist has just walked out every time Dhoni does. Last game vs Rajasthan, his lack of hitting despite coming in the 13th over hid behind Raina’s performance. The last time Dhoni the hitter was around was in IPL 2008 during a Steyn over. Nowadays it’s more average-keeps-climbing Dhoni who walks out.

Delhi pretty much take after their captain Sehwag (missing today) - there is not a single batsman in the team with a negative bone and this was apparent today with the chase being realistic for a long while. Brilliant knocks by Karthik and Warner.