Monday, April 27, 2009

Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians Highlights

Mumbai Batting

Kolkata Stumble

Watch cricket highlights - Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians - from IPL 2009 played on April 27, 2009.

Scoreline: Mumbai 187/6 - Sachin Tendulkar 68 (45), Sanath Jayasuriya 52 (32)

The Sachin-Sanath show finally underway for the first time in the IPL (including Season 1). Luckily this season, Tendulkar looks to be considering attack from both ends unlike last season when he opted to push a single and give Jayasuriya the strike. Mumbai like other teams have done this IPL however fell away after getting to 110 in the first 10 overs.

The Kolkata chase appeared to be going somewhere briefly when Ganguly came out with a flurry of boundaries but some smart bowling by Harbhajan, Nayar, Zaheer and Tendulkar made things desperate to set up the Malinga exitlude.

SRK didn’t seem to bothered about the loss post-match - he was busy waving to his fans and possibly looking at his IPL venture as a neat PR exercise. Wonder what Buchanan will do tonight - probably sing KKR a lullaby-verse from the Art of War.

Pregame: KKR got a point from the washed out game vs Chennai after their Super loss to the Royals. The most interesting moments of this game however (apart from Sachin-Sanath walking out together) will probably be Malinga with his rediscovered yorkers vs Gayle and McCullum.