Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Deccan Chargers Highlights - IPL 2009

Deccan Bat


Watch cricket highlights - Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Hyderabad Deccan Chargers from the 2009 IPL T20 tournament.

Scoreline: Deccan Chargers: 184/6 - Adam Gilchrist 71 (45), Rohit Sharma 52 (30).
Bangalore 160/8 - Rahul Dravid 48 (27), Virat Kohli 50 (32) RP Singh 4 -16-2

Adam Gilchrist threatened a repeat of his IPL 2008 100 odd vs Mumbai - the first few overs were trademark Gilchrist square on the off. KP’s stint as England Captain, while good with respect to handling certain players like Harmison, was characterized by strange field placings. The same continues through his IPL stint. While he obviously looks to be trying to go the Warne way in handling junior players, am not sure if open shows of back-slapping is really inspirational. I think the issue KP is facing is that deep inside he is an introvert - something that comes through in his batting sometimes. Dravid had a similar problem as captain but the difference was his wider experience helped him make up for it at least in the technical aspects of captaincy. But so far, KP’s moves to bring himself on as bowler have worked.

Kumble was the only one who looked like he could put the brakes on, but his figures got molested by Rohit Sharma who today reinforced the fact that he can be VVS Laxman II in coming years.

Dravid put some life back into the Bangalore chase but yet again, he found company too late in Kohli and much like in IPL 2008, a super Dravid knock was let down by batting partners.

Pregame: The 8th game of the IPL and Bangalore will be playing its 3rd match. This game vs the Chargers is kind of a battle of equals.