Monday, April 20, 2009

Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Chennai Super Kings Highlights

Watch highlights of the Bangalore Royal Challengers vs Chennai Super Kings game from IPL 2009 being played in South Africa.

Scoreline: Chennai 179/5 - Matthew Hayden 65 (35). Bangalore 87 all out. Muralitharan - 4-1-11-3

We saw yesterday with the Mohali vs Dehli game the effect of the ad/strategy break for the first time in the IPL. Pretty much the same happened today. Only thing, this time around, such was the effect of the Matthew Hayden knock, the eventual result wasn’t affected. What was impressive about Hayden’s knock was that it wasn’t just burly-man bludgeoning the bowlers – there was some delicate stuff in it too.

Anil Kumble bowled well again and was a bit unlucky on a couple of occasions. The Bangalore innings came apart and Muralitharan – not picked for the first game – was crucial to this taking out key players, Pietersen and Uthappa.