Thursday, March 13, 2008

Refreshed Tait likely to return

Shaun Tait: "The one big thing I have learnt about myself is I do enjoy cricket"...

Shaun Tait, the Australian fast bowler who recently took an indefinite break from cricket, has said he is feeling refreshed and plans to return to the fold.

Tait, 25, walked away from cricket indefinitely following his unsuccessful return to the Test team in January, citing physical and emotional exhaustion.

"In the last two weeks I've started to feel like myself again," he told reporters in Melbourne. "I'm thinking about cricket more and thinking about playing cricket again. It's a good sign.

"The one big thing I have learnt about myself is I do enjoy cricket. It is a part of my life and will be a part of my life for the future."

Tait looked ahead to the next domestic season, starting in October, but said he would be adopting a different approach this time. "When I do come back and play I'm not going to worry about the speed gun as much as I used to," he said.

"I'm my own worst enemy. Everyone talks it up. Everyone looks at me for one reason. That I can bowl fast and that's it. I'm going to work on other parts of my game as well."

He also spoke of the advice he had received from Brett Lee regarding the mental aspect of the game. "His trick was bowling better lines and just worrying about being a mature bowler rather than trying to be the fastest bowler of all time."