Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lawson criticises tour postponement

Geoff Lawson: "It is a shame that we are not playing Australia at a time when they are beatable"...

Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson has expressed disappointment at the Australian board's decision to indefinitely postpone the Pakistan tour, an announcement which came soon after twin bomb blasts struck Lahore killing at least 21 people .

"I don't think they [Australia] are justified in postponing the series. I am living in Pakistan and feel secure," Lawson, who is an Australian national, said. "I am disappointed, although it was expected. It is a shame that we are not playing Australia at a time when they are beatable."

Australia were slated to play a game in Lahore, but Lawson felt the postponement would affect Pakistan cricket. "There is an immediate disappointment of not having the best team in Pakistan and its a loss for players, fans, and administrators.

"It may have a major effect in the short term and its up to the PCB to assure that it will not have a major effect in the longer run," Lawson said. "I think the Australians should have come here full steam ahead."

Lawson said the security situation in Pakistan was unrelated to cricket. "Bombs do go off. You can't argue with that. But they're focused on particular targets that have nothing to do with sport, and particularly nothing to do with cricket."